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April 6, 2020

Paul Holewa

Paul Holewa has been working as a gem and jewelry industry journalist for more than 20 years with the industry’s leading publications. In his early years of serving the trade, Paul learned about the gem and jewelry industry firsthand in Bangkok and Chantaburi, Thailand, global hubs for colored stones, diamond cutting, and jewelry production. He has travelled to remote gemstone mining sites throughout Southeast Asia, and major distribution and manufacturing centers in that region.

He started working as a trade journalist in Bangkok as editor-in-chief of JewelSiam magazine in October 1995, then a mainly regional trade publication in Southeast Asia that also had circulation distribution in Europe, Australia, and the US. In June 1997, he began working with Fred Mouawad as one of the first group of content writers for GemKey.com. In November 1998, Paul was part of the team that created GemKey magazine, which was later rebranded to become INSTORE in 2002. 

In 2009, Paul began working for JCK magazine as their chief retail jeweler editor. For more than two years, he wrote a majority of the magazine’s retail jeweler content for the print magazine. And, starting in September 2009, Paul was responsible for the retailer content for JCKOnline.com’s Retail Details blog, the Your Store section of the magazine’s website, and the weekly Your Store e-newsletter. 

For most of his years as a trade journalist, Paul has been specializing in writing small business management articles for retail jewelers. His specialty is developing magazine news feature stories and online blog content to help jewelry store owners manage their store more effectively and, more importantly, sell more jewelry. Paul has written on a wide range of jewelry store management topics from sales training and staffing, to video marketing and social media campaigns.

In recent years he has dedicated his industry writing work to freelance writing for Southern Jewelry News and Mid-America Jewelry News as well as Jewelers Helping Jewelers Magazine.