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January 20, 2020

JHJ Magazine Benefits

Welcome to the JHJ Magazine Benefits Page!

I’m excited to announce that after a year of hard work, we finally have some movement towards designing a health care benefits plan option for our industry. If you are serious about change, now is your chance to help us create a plan with a choice of benefits, lower premiums, portability, coverage for pre-existing conditions and guaranteed acceptance.

Our JHJ Magazine Community is joining with Jonathan Johnson of BlueCross BlueShield to explore the amount of savings JHJ Magazine Community members can receive through a national jewelry industry Association health insurance plan. Quality and affordable health insurance is a concern for everyone in our industry, so we have worked diligently over the last year on your behalf to put together a program that would offer a choice of plan benefits with lower premiums.

But before we can put together a plan offering, we need to take the first steps and qualify how large our group is, and what type of benefits are important. Your participation is critical right now, because this type of group plan is only available to an industry community.

Jonathan Johnson knows how important this program and the benefits we’re looking to provide are. Watch him explain in his video HERE.

Read Jonathan’s answers to the 5 top questions JHJ members have asked HERE.

Here are a few of the benefits we anticipate under the new laws:

  • Lower premiums for JHJ Magazine Community members who are part of our enhanced benefits membership
  • Benefit differentials we can influence to better serve our members
    • Specific benefits that are important to our members such as international coverage for our members who travel, plan portability and coverage in every state
  • A plan that remains independent while benefiting from the larger group affiliation through your JHJ Magazine community membership
  • Provide access to affordable health insurance plans for every segment of the jewelry industry including retail, wholesale, sales representatives and service support vendors, watchmakers, bench jewelers, consultants, pawnshop owners, jewelry designers and specialty shops
  • Attract new members to our JHJ Magazine Community

Our first step is to determine how much savings we can obtain for our JHJ Magazine Community members, so we need your participation in this exploratory phase by providing some limited information.  This information, which is provided through a secure portal directly to a third-party health care provider, will help our benefits team determine the plan needs of the community and the total amount of savings it can ultimately provide to members in the form of reduced premiums.

If you truly want to be part of the solution in the health care landscape today, then stand up and be part of the group that shapes it! Register for your JHJ Diamond membership now, and for less than .44 cents a day, you can join our health care portal study, and start enjoying our existing enhanced benefits including offers from AAA, industry partners such as the IWJG, and more!

Have more questions? Review our health care insurance plan options FAQ’s HERE

Health care is an issue for everyone – and now is your chance to take back control of your plan, benefits and costs, and make a lasting difference in the health care landscape.

Ready to get started, but want more information about the plan? Register now through our Health Insurance plan portal HERE If you know you’ll want to take full advantage of the health insurance when it becomes available, and want us to get you processed into the system as a full member now, sign up for the JHJ Magazine Diamond membership plan HERE. Already a JHJ Magazine subscriber? Email Benefits@JHJMag.com or call us at (985) 871-0822 for information on how you can upgrade your existing membership in the JHJ Magazine Community to receive your enhanced membership benefits, and participate in the Health care insurance options study program today!