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January 17, 2020

Diana Jarrett

Diana Jarrett, GG, RMV, Member AIJV

Multi-award-winning gemologist – journalist Diana Jarrett is also a Registered Master Valuer (appraiser) while having spent the last 2 decades reporting on stories that often go under the radar in the gemstone world. Whether covering industry updates for Rapaport Diamond Report, or little-known gem-related topics in The Story Behind the Stone for MidAmerica Jewelry News and Southern Jewelry News, Diana discovered that the under reported sub-texts in the jewelry world always intrigue.

She’s also an invited speaker at both consumer and trade events. Diana updated and co-wrote the guide, Cameos Old & New, 4th edition.

Her original features have appeared in numerous outlets including Jewellery Business, New York Mineralogical Club Bulletin, Rapaport Diamond Report, Life in Naples, Montage, National Pawnbrokers Association Magazine, and many more. She’s a frequent contributor to international gem labs research publications, retailer’s privately published magazines, online diamond merchants, Asian and Israeli gemstone and diamond marketing campaigns, among others.

Her popular blog www.Color-n-Ice.blogspot.com  has been a staple for industry insiders for years. In 2019, Diana, and colleague Marlene Murphy, celebrated a decade of creating original websites exclusively for the jewelry trade at Jewelry Website Designers (www.jewelrywebsitedesigners.com). Today, the company is considered our trade’s most recommended website developer. Learn more about Diana, and sample her work at www.dianajarrett.com . Take a moment to say hi at diana@dianajarrett.com .