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December 8, 2019

Talent Show

JHJ Talent Show – Mia Katrin

Mia Katrin – Owner/Designer, Jewel Couture, LLC The award-winning collections of JHJ member & jewelry designer Mia Katrin for JEWEL COUTURE LLC are featured in over 100 top stores in the United States.  Mia, who has a doctorate in aesthetics from the University of Chicago, has traveled around the world collecting world-class precious gems, from […]

Yvonne Jiew

Founder, Rockstoc LLC JHJ’s Yvonne Jiew got her accidental start in the colored stone side of the industry by accident 12 years ago.  She was working in an unrelated field at the time, and began cutting gemstones as a hobby.  She quickly started devoting more and more of her time, and found herself running an […]

Jimmy L. Butts

Owner, Studio B JHJ’s Jimmy Butts started his jewelry career in 1986 on accident, when he went to jewelry school on a whim. Jimmy was immediately hooked.  Not, he says, because he liked making jewelry, but because he loved the fact that it was like being a micro mechanic. He immediately started looking for the […]

Anthony Michael Spinelli

Born in 1960 in Tucson, Arizona, JHJ’s Anthony Michael Spinelli was surrounded by gemstones and jewelry of all kinds; his mother and father were both designers and manufacturers of Turquoise and silver jewelry and were owners or partners in several stores in the Southwest and in Alaska. Anthony’s mother, Anita Matrician, an accomplished sculptress with […]

Chris Simpson

Chris Simpson Designs JHJ’s Chris Simpson has been designing and manufacturing jewelry for more than twenty five years.  After a long apprenticeship as a bench jeweler at a renowned Royal Appointment Jeweler in South Africa, he turned his attention to diamonds,  learning the art of grading rough diamonds, then cutting and polishing diamonds at the […]

Link Wachler

LINK Jewelry Designs JHJ’s tremendously talented Link Wachler, born and raised in the metro-Detroit, Michigan area, is an industry scion.  As a young artist, both of his parents encouraged his creativity and helped him gear his love for art and sculpting towards jewelry designing. Link, who was carving waxes for the family business at the […]

Bethany Hawn

Bethany’s Jewelry and Design JHJ’s Bethany Hawn, owner of Bethany’s Jewelry and Design in Mansfield, Pennsylvania, was born in Sacramento Valley, California and moved to Pennsylvania in 2000 with her family. Her original plan was to become a science teacher until she found a book called “A Guide to Diamond Buying,” read it, and promptly […]

Dan Schwieterman

Regard Jewelry If you ask JHJ’s Dan Schwieterman, owner and head goldsmith at Regard Jewelry in Austin, Texas, how long he has been in the jewelry business, he will tell you, “a long time.” Though Dan just celebrated his 40th birthday, the jewelry industry runs deep in his family, and his blood.  The quality of […]

John Wade

Co-Owner, Wade Designs Jewelry John was introduced to the jewelry industry at a young age by an Uncle who owned an Opal Mine in Virgin Valley Nevada​, and ​graduated in 1977 with a degree in Horology and Jewelry Design​, as well as​ a passion for engraving and jewelry making. John Wade​ is a ​Master ​Bench […]

Craig Carnevale

Jewelry Computer Systems, Inc. JHJ’s Craig Carnevale, of Jewelry Computer Systems, Inc., has been providing the platform and software services that retail jewelers need every single day since 1985. If you’re looking for a wide variety of applications services, including inventory management applications, integrated POS/Credit Card Processing systems, RFID or reporting, Craig can help! Recently, […]