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April 3, 2020

Book – The Comprehensive Guide to Handling Jewelry Repairs

Arthur Gordon Wrote The Book On Jewelry Repairs.

Back in the day, Arthur Gordon was considered, and still is by many, known as the Jeweler’s Jeweler. During that time his jewelry shop repaired and created jewelry for many well-known jewelry stores and for several of the large chain stores that are now known as big box jewelers.

Arthur realized that most stores did not have a full understanding about repairs and lacked the training to better answer repair and custom related questions that their customers were asking.

In order to assist his trade customers and add to their bottom line, Arthur wrote the Comprehensive Guide to Handling Jewelry Repairs. This began what Arthur calls the “Revolution to Jewelry Repairs” that he and his good friend David Geller had been planning for a number of years. According to Arthur, he and David brought repairs out of the back room, to the bottom line and enlightened stores on how to better serve their customers!

The Comprehensive Guide to Handling Jewelry Repairs is a spiral-bound guide to help train store owners and staff with a better understanding of the jewelry repair process. Since the book has been written, it has been sold to, and used by jewelers world wide.

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