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Book – Geller Blue Book

Does the sales staff constantly ask you or the jeweler these questions?

  • How much is it to size this ring?
  • Do we need to take these stones out?
  • How many tips does this ring need?
  • How much is a lobster claw?
  • Where do I order screw posts for these earrings?
  • Can you come out and price this matching wedding band we drew up?
  • How much will an 8 point diamond cost the customer?
  • What styles of hand engraving can I offer the customer?


Geller’s Blue Version 5.0 Release 6.0 just out, with updates for current metals market!
(January 2016)


Years ago when i had my store we bought a time clock for every jeweler and wax carver, and had them clock in and out on every job. 

What we found out was:

An 8 hour a day jeweler really only did work for 5.5 hours. The rest of the day was non productive: rolling emery paper, talking among themselves or the sales staff, breaks, etc. Things that we didn’t charge for but had to pay them. 

If a jeweler told us how long it took to do a procedure it always took 25% longer.

In figuring labor cost we had not added in the costs of matching Fica/Medicare taxes, vacation and sick time.

Net result is after the time study we figured any labor procedure took 25% longer and we figured our cost at 25% higher.


This was easier as we took this from the Stuller catalog, now website. But we had to find the true cost of findings, stones and even how much the small piece of gold went into a ring to make it larger. 


Who pays for lost stones? Who pays to have then tightened during sizing? The Customer!

So in setting and heads we added in 50% of what Jewelers Mutual would charge a customer to insure their jewelry. This way if a small stones fell out or we broke one we could replace it without any hassle to the customer. 


So after adding in taxes to the jewelers pay and figuring a jeweler should be paid from the low $40,000’s to high $50,000’s a year we added a 3 time markup to labor and also a 3 time markup to findings & material and added them together.

Then added them together and put them into a book with tips and such so they’s stop asking the jewelers “how much to do this?” (Sound familiar?)


Newest Geller Blue Book, now in a 3 ring binder. In this way we can mail to you updates as they are needed. 

Recently updated the version 5.0 users, release 6.0 is Platinum at $900 to $1150; Gold at $1350.00
Silver is $14 and rhodium is at $700.

You then choose to replace the pages (everyone should) and you’re book is up to date.

Geller’s Blue Book to Jewelry Repairs is the only jewelry repair and design pricing guide available for jewelers.                                                              

Here’s just a small sample of the items you’ll find priced in Geller’s Blue Book:

  • Sizing-14kt, 18kt, Platinum, even Silver
  • Shanks
  • Laser pricing for sizing rings and also installing shanks-all done with a laser
  • Adjustable Shanks
  • Tips, prongs, bezel & channel repair
  • Stone setting, all shapes and sizes
  • Removing & resetting for fragile stones
  • Heads and Set-prices include the head, soldering in place and setting, bezels too
  • All kinds of clasps (14k, 18kt, Silver, Platinum)
  • Earring mountings including setting
  • Conversion of earrings to posts, clasps, Omega backs, etc.
  • Machine engraving, hand engraving, family crests
  • Bails, pendants, pin stems-prices include the finding and setting in one number
  • Soldering
  • An intensive section on Laser welding repair pricing.
  • Casting stock waxes.
  • Hand Carved waxes-extensive pricing for virtually any job. Includes Cad/Cam.
  • Watch repair, watch batteries, band shortening
  • 90% of Geller’s Blue Book has Express pricing – do the job faster and get 50% more money!

Geller’s Blue Book arrives as a kit, and includes the 320 page Geller’s Blue Book to Jewelry Repair and Design with 14 chapters and over 3000 prices, all in a handy, 3-ring binder.

Ready to order Geller’s Blue Book?  Order online (and make sure to use the special “JHJ” code for a 15% discount! now at: http://www.jewelerprofit.com/Blue_Book.html