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June 3, 2020

Brenda Reichel

President/Owner, Carats & Karats Fine Jewelry If you’ve spent any time at all on the JHJ feed, you’re sure to have noticed JHJ’s Brenda K. Reichel.  Brenda, who brings titles such as Graduate Gemologist, Accredited Senior Gemologist, and Appraisers International Society Certified Valuer to JHJ, says every day for her is different, and she never […]

Ryan Allen

Owner, Jewelers Connect JHJ’s Ryan Allen became infatuated with the jewelry industry at a young age,  His grandfather was a German watch maker and Ryan used to love watching him work.  Unfortunately, his grandfather passed away when Ryan was around 7 years old, and Ryan’s connection to the jewelry industry died with his grandfather. But […]

JHJ Talent Show – Mia Katrin

Mia Katrin – Owner/Designer, Jewel Couture, LLC The award-winning collections of JHJ member & jewelry designer Mia Katrin for JEWEL COUTURE LLC are featured in over 100 top stores in the United States.  Mia, who has a doctorate in aesthetics from the University of Chicago, has traveled around the world collecting world-class precious gems, from […]

JHJ Rock Star – Diana Jacobs

Owner, Jacob Jewelers JHJ dynamo Diana Jacobs, owner of Jacobs Jewelers in Versailles Indiana, does it all.  This wife, mother of three and grandmother of 2 is truly a JHJ Rock Star.  Diana loves anything to do with jewelry, and loves helping people, a combination that makes her a huge asset to the JHJ community. […]

Yvonne Jiew

Founder, Rockstoc LLC JHJ’s Yvonne Jiew got her accidental start in the colored stone side of the industry by accident 12 years ago.  She was working in an unrelated field at the time, and began cutting gemstones as a hobby.  She quickly started devoting more and more of her time, and found herself running an […]

Charles Marks

Owner, Marks Jewelry Co. The JHJ community wouldn’t be what it is today without the efforts of Charles Marks.  Road Warrior Charles has added a huge number of new members to JHJ since its inception, both retailers and wholesalers. Charles says his favorite thing about JHJ is the sense of unity that keeps the community […]

Jimmy L. Butts

Owner, Studio B JHJ’s Jimmy Butts started his jewelry career in 1986 on accident, when he went to jewelry school on a whim. Jimmy was immediately hooked.  Not, he says, because he liked making jewelry, but because he loved the fact that it was like being a micro mechanic. He immediately started looking for the […]

Anthony Michael Spinelli

Born in 1960 in Tucson, Arizona, JHJ’s Anthony Michael Spinelli was surrounded by gemstones and jewelry of all kinds; his mother and father were both designers and manufacturers of Turquoise and silver jewelry and were owners or partners in several stores in the Southwest and in Alaska. Anthony’s mother, Anita Matrician, an accomplished sculptress with […]

Cookie Merens

Cookie’s Creations Fine & Estate Jewelry JHJ’s Cookie Merens says she can’t remember when her passion for jewelry started, but her mother says it began around age three.  According to Cookie’s mother, Cookie just loved to play in her jewel box, trying on her mother’s big crystal earrings and putting her real diamond rings on […]

Adam Fox

Fox Estate Buyers JHJ’s Adam Fox has deep roots in the jewelry industry. Adam, a 3rd generation dealer, traces the start of his family involvement with the industry back through his father’s side, as his paternal grandfather was a diamond dealer in New York. Along the way. the maternal side of Adam’s family decided to […]