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October 21, 2019

Pantone Color of the Day

The Pantone color of the day for July 17th is Iris. Born today? Then you are Interesting, Private & Provocative! Adorn yourself with jewelry that celebrates the quiet hue of Rose de France Amethyst, and you’ll draw peace, stability and inner joy from its calming energy today!

Gemstone of the Day

Did you know? All red gemstones used to be referred to as “Ruby” & it wasn’t until 1783 that Spinel was differentiated from rubies. Within the British Crown Jewels collection the “Black Prince’s Ruby” and the “Timur Ruby,” originally identified as Rubies, were found to be Spinel.

Diamond Council of America

Stop by and meet Rebecca, DCA’s Director of the Jewelry Career Initiative!!  Learn how DCA sales training course can increase your profits and how DCA is work with High Schools to provide opportunities in the Jewelry Industry. Enter to win a one year membership to DCA!!  Rebecca Shukan, Director of the DCA’s Jewelry Career Initiative, […]

Sparkling Insights

Rita Wade, AKA – Jewelers Helping Jewelers very own Marketing & Events Queen is bringing Sparkling Insights to the JHJ Confab! Visit Rita at the ConFab May 31 – June 2 for a FREE mini social media training session PLUS a chance to win 1 month of her Platinum Package – a $650 Value! 

Samuel Spil Company

Samuel Spil Company serves thousands of retail jewelry stores from coast to coast, because we made it our goal to serve customers in a friendly and honest manner while listening to their needs. As Samuel Spil said, “Our customers are our best teachers, if you listen.” We are known for carrying the bread and butter […]

Oakmont Jewelry

Oakmont Jewelry specializes in two important categories within the wholesale jewelry trade. The first is its manufactured line. It consists of 10k and 14k fashion jewelry (rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets), diamond bands, diamond hoop earrings, and bridal. Oakmont Jewelry’s best selling items include diamond crosses and diamond bands. and there is a wide selection […]

Main Street Branding

Your brand is more than just a memorable logo.  It represents how your customers perceive your business, your customer service and your reputation. At Main Street Branding, we’ve helped give a platform to some of the biggest brands in the world. including Coca-Cola, Southwest Airlines and Carrie Underwood. and assisted thousands of traditional and interactive […]

SHR Precious Metals, Inc.

Steve Hartz provides no surprises and no disappointments when it comes to buying your gold and silver. SHR is your #1 Source for KEE Gold Testers! We offer 24/7 KEE Tester Support! Welcome to SHR, where we create a moment of magic, not misery, for our clients. Founded in 2006, SHR operates on Steve’s 5Cs […]

JCS Software, Inc.

Jewelry Computer Systems, Inc., will be showcasing a wide array of new services and technologies, including inventory management applications and integrated POS System credit card processing. JCS Software is also featuring its latest solution for text-based review requests, designed to help you harness the power of positive reviews for your business. JCS is proud to […]

Jaume Labro

At Jaume Labro, highly-skilled artisans create unique and exclusive handmade bridal and fine jewelry. We use the best diamonds and gemstones available while following the highest sustainability ethics in our diamonds and gemstones supply. Our fine jewelry and bridal rings are custom-made in a perfect synergy between our designer, our craftsmen, and our clients, resulting […]