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May 28, 2020

Ryan Allen

Owner, Jewelers Connect

JHJ’s Ryan Allen became infatuated with the jewelry industry at a young age,  His grandfather was a German watch maker and Ryan used to love watching him work.  Unfortunately, his grandfather passed away when Ryan was around 7 years old, and Ryan’s connection to the jewelry industry died with his grandfather.

Ryan Allen

But fate has a way of leading people back home, and shortly after Ryan finished his Paramedic Firefighter education, he was offered a job in a jewelry store and took it.  He learned a great deal in a short amount of time, and his childhood passion for the industry returned.  About a year later, he ended up leaving the jewelry company he was working for and started out on his own as a freelance jeweler making engagement rings and selling them through social media and marketplaces like Craigslist, OfferUp and Ebay.

Ryan married his high school sweetheart, and soon after, he and his wife experienced every parent’s worse nightmare when the twins his wife was carrying were born too soon and passed away.

Knowing he needed more stability, Ryan took a job as a Paramedic Firefighter, and continued to sell jewelry on the side.  One day while trying to find a way that he could stop buying inventory and still sell jewelry, he came up with the idea to create a website that would allow customers to submit custom orders.  He was hooked on the idea, and began researching everything he could to make his creative idea work

From there, Ryan’s idea began to evolve into a new goal, which was to bring online jewelry shoppers back to the independent jewelers, and his business, Jewelers Connect was born.

Jewelers Connect allows jewelry shoppers to post a picture of the jewelry they want to purchase, and fill out a request form.  Up to 5 jewelers can send an estimate per project request.  The shopper reviews the options and offers, and then selects the jeweler that best fits their needs. The consumer is happy because they have a pre-vetted, easy and convenient source to work with. And the jewelers are happy because they make money connecting with a new target market. 

Ryan is continuing to expand Jewelers Connect, and is looking for honest, trustworthy jewelers who want to become a part of the Jewelers Connect network, and has made many friends through JHJ.  Connect with Ryan on JHJ if you are interested in expanding your business through a partnership with Jewelers Connect, or just want a visionary friend to bounce ideas off of.

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