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May 29, 2020

Brenda Reichel

President/Owner, Carats & Karats Fine Jewelry

If you’ve spent any time at all on the JHJ feed, you’re sure to have noticed JHJ’s Brenda K. Reichel.  Brenda, who brings titles such as Graduate Gemologist, Accredited Senior Gemologist, and Appraisers International Society Certified Valuer to JHJ, says every day for her is different, and she never knows what is going to come through the door.  Some of Brenda’s most unique industry experiences include appraising Imelda Marcos’ jewelry for US Customs, appraising the Crown Jewels of the Kingdom of Hawai’i, and even the inventory of a surf board store!

Brenda also lobbied the Hawai’i state legislature and succeeded in working to get the Hawaii Gold and Silver Stamping Act of 1994 passed. 

Brenda Reichel

To say that she believes in the power of media and the internet to promote your business would be an understatement.  She maintains a business website, three Facebook accounts (and is a member of numerous FB Groups), a twitter account, a blog, and even a live radio show, which has been in production for more than 25 years.

With all of this going on, you’d think there aren’t enough hours in a day for Brenda to be active on JHJ, but you would be wrong.  Brenda loves interacting with the other 14,000 plus JHJ members in the group, and values her relationship with the mentors she’s acquired and the PR ideas that she runs across and implements to help her business. 

Brenda is also active in Jewelers Direct, the retail store, member-based group Aleah created as an off-shoot of JHJ.  Brenda posted an image of her hand engraved Hawaiian bracelets on Jewelers Direct and received hundreds of messages and orders. Just that one posting lead to a special order for a 38 mm wide gold bracelet and matching 10 mm ring, an order which totaled over $7000.00. She has enjoyed a number of additional sales on JD and JHJ since joining JHJ.

Connect with Brenda on JHJ if you are looking for helpful tips and information on appraising, interesting facts on Hawaiian jewelry, help with hand engraving or just a friend to enjoy some great, industry-based conversation with!

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