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July 11, 2020

Shawn Przeclawski

Vice President
Monarch Jewelry & Art

JHJ’s Shawn Przeclawski was fortunate enough to grow up in a family of colored stone dealers, so when he made the decision to enter the jewelry industry he felt that it would be an easy step.

He was fresh out of high school and had been exposed to the inner workings of a successful colored stone business for years. How hard could it be? Hard, actually.  His timing was awful, as was the late ‘90’s.  The bottom had dropped out of the colored stone market, manufacturing was moving overseas, and the business was struggling. 

Shawn’s father decided to make the transition from wholesale to retail, and opened a full service jewelry store in a strip plaza, with the floundering wholesale business housed in the back. Customers would come in for repairs or gifts, all the while having no clue they were standing 50 feet from 100,000 carats of fine gemstones. Shawn realized quickly that he also had no clue about any of it, either, and made the decision to move to New York and get GG.  He believes it was one of the best things he’s ever done.  He met friends and colleagues there that he continues to work with nearly twenty years later. 

Eight years ago Shawn’s family business moved out of the strip center, and into a brand new freestanding building that has become a trusted destination within their community.  The store is a full service jewelry store with three goldsmiths on staff, and handles its our own in-house manufacturing, custom designs, repairs, and antique and estate reconditioning as well as trade work for several other jewelry stores. 

JHJ has been an invaluable tool for Shawn to continue growing his business. He says, “I have met new vendors, forged friendships, found new clients, and found the answers to life’s mysteries laid bare at some unseemly hour, all thanks to the living and breathing entity that JHJ has become. You may find me on there buying an antique ring, or a fine colored stone, or you may find me selling something that’s sat too long in a showcase, or simply leaving a snarky comment. Seemingly everyone needs drama not unlike Dusty’s enigmatic source. It’s a JHJ thing.”

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