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Lisa Marie Moore

Lisa Marie Moore

Owner, Lisa Marie Jewelry & Gems

California girl, Lisa Marie Moore grew up in San Jose, and has been living and working as an Independent Jeweler in Grass Valley, California since 2010..  A natural born artist, she creates in many different mediums and has had a fascination with jewelry since she was young.

Lisa Marie Moore
Lisa Marie Moore

She started on her path to a jewelry career by attending  G.I.A., and completing the Graduate Jeweler and Applied Jewelry Arts Programs in 2005-06. A few years into her career she was fortunate enough to become friends with a jeweler that ended up becoming a mentor to her. He continually challenged and pushed her in every way,  and fully supported her  decision to branch out as an independent jeweler.

Lisa Marie strives for perfection in every piece she fabricates. and prides herself on creating wearable art.  She proudly stands behind the integrity of her work, and loves the challenge that comes with creating custom designs. She loves that each piece teaches her something new or gives her a new idea, and is proud of the work she has done and how far she has come.

Today, Lisa Marie says doing custom trade work has given her  the opportunities to work with some amazing materials over the years and meet incredible people, and she enjoy bringing life to the designs presented to her. She works with and for artists and puts everything she has into creating their art as they intended it to be. Lisa looks forward to continuing her jewelry adventure and absolutely loves what she does, so much so that she  can’t imagine doing anything else that would be as fulfilling in her life.

Lisa Marie’s personal experience with her mentor is part of the reason why she enjoys JHJ so much.  She knows firsthand how much of a difference it makes to have other jeweler friends to consult with, and appreciates the extra support system and sense of community she gets from JHJ members.  

Connect with Lisa Marie on JHJ for information on or help with  bench techniques, custom design, mentoring, and all things JHJ-related!

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