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July 11, 2020

Jonathan “Jak” Figler

Owner, Jak Figler Designs

Industrial Designer and Jeweler Jonathan “Jak” Figler creates works of jewelry art capturing everything from a loved one’s fingerprints to a furry friend’s paw prints.  

Jak’s path to a career in the jewelry industry started when he was working as an industrial designer, on projects with some of the largest eye wear manufacturers in the world.  During that time, he found himself occasionally contacted by friends and coworkers asking for help designing engagement rings and other jewelry-related items.  Opportunity was knocking, and Jak decided to answer and walk through the open door.

In 2007, Jak started putting some simple designs together and posting them online to sell at the occasional jewelry and craft shows he attended.  He was in his shop late one night and his now wife Angel stopped by the shop to give him a hand.   He had a little pendant with a baby’s footprint on it sitting his bench.   Angel took a look at it, and asked if he could put her daughter’s footprints on a pendant.  A week later Jak gave Angel a gift that would change both of their lives forever.  Recalling the moment, he said, “I’ll never forget the look on her face when she opened the box, so much emotion over this little piece of silver, I knew this was something truly special”.

Today, Jak’s line of Custom-Made Keepsakes by Jak Figler Designs showcases everything from sterling key chains to platinum and gemstone necklaces.   

Jak’s success is a testament to the power of JHJ.  About a week after he joined JHJ, he created a post asking for some advice on how to connect with retailers who might be interested in his line.  He says, “I remember it vividly, we were at my daughter’s wrestling meet waiting for her match.  I posted a few pictures of the line and asked for a little advice, the next thing I knew PM’s started to come through and people started to comment.”  Within 18 months Jak was in over 125 retailers and is now selling at over 160 retail locations.  

Jak is profoundly grateful for the opportunity JHJ has given him to grow his business. “JHJ has honestly changed my life, I know that sounds corny but it really has.  It’s not only the growth of our line but by the support of the community, the learning experiences and friendships we have made.  It truly has been a gift.”   

Connect with Jak on JHJ for all of your Custom-Made Keepsakes needs. Jak offers an extensive line with 3 key price price points to fit any budget. 

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