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Calla Gold

Owner & Author, Calla Gold Jewelry

JHJ’s Calla Gold (yes, her last name really is Gold. Could that be more perfect?) has lived in the Santa Barbara area nearly her entire life. As a lifelong resident, Calla has worked to develop a close bond with her Santa Barbara community, and markets herself as “Your Santa Barbara Jeweler.”

In 1983, she created Calla Gold Jewelry, and as a private jeweler, has been visiting her clients in their homes and where they work ever since.  While Calla’s passion is designing custom and unique pieces of jewelry, she get special satisfaction in helping her clients turn their neglected, seldom worn and troublesome pieces of jewelry in reinvented works of art.

Calla has built up an extensive network of clients throughout the United States, in large part because of the incredible blog collection that is the centerpiece of her website, CallaGold.com

Calla recently released her new book geared to consumers, “Design Your Dream Wedding Rings, From Engagement To Eternity,

Calla’s blog collection cover an incredible treasure trove of information, geared to consumers looking for information about all types of jewelry and jewelry-related topics online.  Calla recently released her new book geared to consumers, “Design Your Dream Wedding Rings, From Engagement To Eternity,” and is looking forward to expanding her reach in the consumer wedding ring market.

When asked about what she loves about JHJ, Calla said, “Sometimes I need a lift. I need to see one of Aleah’s funny pictures, or hear someones outlandish client story. Or see the picture of a ring with a piece of macaroni stuck under it. Or hear how people are dealing with some industry issue. I feel informed, in touch and in love with all my jeweler friends I’ve never met. JHJ is the most useful jewelry group I’ve been in because it is an active group. Someone asks a question and the community answers. I ask for photos of jeweler’s tattoos or dogs in jewelry and the comments are filled with body art and beloved pets in pearls. It makes my heart warm. And I just know if I announced I was vacationing in the land of a fellow JHJ’er, I’d be invited to visit them and I’d have a great time.”

Connect with Calla on JHJ for tips on blogging your way to success, information about the challenges (and joys!) of being a personal jeweler, and all things JHJ!

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