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Ben Brantley

Ben Brantley & Co.

JHJ’s Ben Brantley found himself in the jewelry business, quite by accident.  Back in the 1980’s, at just 17 years old, he started a gift shop and sporting goods store in his native Shelbyville, with his brother.

Luck and great timing were on his side, and he quickly developed a refined eye and great instincts for what his customers wanted most in fine jewelry.  Ben and his brother eventually closed the shop, but customers continued to consult with Ben on jewelry purchases, large and small.

After several career changes that did not involve the jewelry industry, in 1997 he found himself in a quandary.  Ben said, “It was either go into the jewelry business completely, or get out.”  He took the plunge, committed to the jewelry business full time, and has never looked back.

Along with a steady clientele for his gorgeous and unique custom designs, Ben has also built up a thriving business with “the horse set,” and always provides plenty of horse-themed jewelry for the annual Tennessee Walking Horse events that take place in his home town of Shelbyville.  

Through the years, Ben has developed a celebrity clientele, as well.  He has provided jewelry for many celebrities, including Tyler Hubbard of Florida-Georgia Line, singer Meghan Linsey, Miss USA 2000 Lynnette Cole, Phillip Sweet of LIttle Big Town, Kori Robertson from Duck Dynasty (Willie’s Wife), and musicians including Randy Houser, Colt Ford, Heidi Newfield, and Ira Dean.

When asked what his favorite things are about JHJ, Ben said, “At any given time, JHJ members can tap the brain trust on any subject, and have a wealth of information available at their fingertips.  It’s also great for comic relief, and I love meeting my fellow JHJ’ers in person at trade shows, including the Atlanta Jewelry Show and in Vegas during market week.”

Connect with Ben on JHJ if you have interesting, horse-related jewelry items for sale (or need help finding something horse-related), as well as general information about the jewelry industry, or if you are interested in exploring the option of becoming a concierge jeweler.

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