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June 3, 2020

JHJ Rock Star – Diana Jacobs

Owner, Jacob Jewelers

JHJ dynamo Diana Jacobs, owner of Jacobs Jewelers in Versailles Indiana, does it all.  This wife, mother of three and grandmother of 2 is truly a JHJ Rock Star.  Diana loves anything to do with jewelry, and loves helping people, a combination that makes her a huge asset to the JHJ community.

Diana got her start in the jewelry industry back in high school by hanging around a pawn shop that was owned by parents of one of her high school friends.  She remembers feeling like a kid in a candy store, and appreciated the constantly changing jewelry selection.  Diana was hooked on jewelry, and even bought her first pair of diamond earrings there.  Although they were small, she was proud to have purchased them on her own, and still has them to this day.  A true female self-purchaser, Diana was the type of customer retail jewelers in our industry appreciate today!

After Diana moved to Indiana, she took a ring that needed to be repaired into a local jewelry store.  Diana loved the feel of the store, and found herself a frequent visitor of the location.  Soon, the owner decided since she was there practically every day, she might as well become an employee.  The offer from the owner, JHJ’s Tina Burton, was a dream come true for Diana, and Diana and Tina have been best friends ever since.  Diana has a true passion for the industry, and loves what she does.  Whether it’s helping a customer pick out an engagement ring, or just a special gift for a loved one or a friend, she is happy to be a part of those special moments in their lives.

Diana says her world changed when she became a member of JHJ.  Aside from the variety of industry contacts being a member of JHJ brought to her, she also made a lot of new friends.  A whole new world was opened up for her, with a wealth of opportunities.  In 2017, she made the decision to open her own store and reached out for tools, supplies and guidance to  JHJ members Danny Farah, Gabriel Sep, Paul Allen Boyd, Meir Shay and Edward Bass, who helped make her dream store a reality.  She credits Aleah and the power of JHJ for her opportunities, and said that without Aleah and JHJ, owning her own store would still be on her wish list.  

Diana loves the fact that JHJ is like a big family, with someone always ready and willing to help out.  She believes helping each other is what a family does, and help is what you’ll get when you are friends with Diana on JHJ.  She pays attention to everything on the feed, and when she sees something she knows another member likes or buys, she tags them. Sometimes, she says, she may  get a little “tag happy,” but it’s done in the spirit of JHJ friendship, to help members get something they may need, but may not have the time to look for it. 

JHJ has changed Diana’s life and she has nothing but love for our members.  Connect with Diana on JHJ if you need a friend in the industry, a second set of eyes on the fast-moving JHJ feed, or just appreciate having a helpful JHJ buddy to share all things jewelry-related! 

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