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July 12, 2020

Yvonne Jiew

Founder, Rockstoc LLC

JHJ’s Yvonne Jiew got her accidental start in the colored stone side of the industry by accident 12 years ago.  She was working in an unrelated field at the time, and began cutting gemstones as a hobby.  She quickly started devoting more and more of her time, and found herself running an online business dealing in rough stones.  By her second year, Yvonne’s business had grown enough to be self-sustaining, and she left her job to pursue wholesale gem dealing on a full time basis. 

From the very beginning of her journey, Yvonne realized that if she wanted to have an edge, she was going to have to buy from the source. In 2009. she started buying at the opal fields in outback Australia in Yowah and Koroit and then began buying chrysoprase from Marlborough as well.  She was fortunate enough to form some very good long term relationships with the miners who gave her great prices, which allowed her to resell at a small, consistent profit. 

At the height of her business dealings in Melbourne, Australia she supplied wholesale jewelry, loose colored stones, beads and findings. She also did domestic and international shows, and began evolving from an online business to a face to face business.

Yvonne’s focus has always been about supporting small scale mining.  She always believed it was important to nurture those relationships, and she still keeps in contact with many of the miners she started out buying from more than a decade ago.

Today, Yvonne’s customer base is an eclectic mix of US-based and international customers.  She maintains a strong following in Australia, China and the US, and is growing into the European market as well.  

Connect with Yvonne on JHJ to source a wide variety of colored gemstones, including unusual requests.  She is also a great source of information on artisanal mining, Australian opals, and the state of the colored gemstone industry.

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