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January 20, 2020

Charles Marks

Owner, Marks Jewelry Co.

The JHJ community wouldn’t be what it is today without the efforts of Charles Marks.  Road Warrior Charles has added a huge number of new members to JHJ since its inception, both retailers and wholesalers.

Charles says his favorite thing about JHJ is the sense of unity that keeps the community growing.  From jewelers that step up and share resources, tips and hard knock experiences to help fellow members, to the safe space the JHJ feed provides for questions, feedback and general learning, Charles believes the sense of camaraderie the JHJ feed provides brings out the best in its members.

Charles Marks

Charles believes in the saying,”Show me your friends, and I will show you your future,” and says the opportunity to have access to some extremely successful people in this industry through the JHJ feed should not be taken for granted.  He says he has been truly blessed and inspired by the relationships he has cultivated through JHJ, and has been the lucky recipient of amazing opportunities that he otherwise would never have received.  The opportunities are great for him personally, as well as for his customers.  He believes the trick is recognizing the moment those opportunities are in front of us, and having the confidence to peruse them.

Charles has some big plans for 2019, and is currently in the process of making adjustments to his business plan, including setting goals for his business, and figuring out just how far to push himself. Challenging himself to get out of his comfort zone is on the top of his list, and he encourages all JHJ members to do the same for themselves, and their businesses. 

When asked for some suggestions on how JHJ members can give themselves a fresh start for 2019, he shared some great ideas.  “If you’re a Bench Jeweler, take a class at one of the great schools available to you. If you are a sales associate increase your reading library ( if you need any book suggestions pm me and I can help you) or attend a sales seminar, If you are a store owner make the changes that you probably already know you need to make.  Add ‘The Blue Book’ from David Geller to your business, invest in your show room , explore new vendor relationships and opportunities for your store, or take advantage of one of the great special event vendors to create more traffic for your location. If your business supplies goods or services to Jewelry store owners, start advertising on the JHJ feed, or in the JHJ magazine.  You will not regret the results!”

Connect with Charles on the JHJ feed for closeout merchandise, general retail help and questions, or information on bidding for monthly advertising on the JHJ feed, or advertising in the JHJ magazine.

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