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July 10, 2020

Do the 4Cs Still Make the Cut?

The “5Cs and 2Ts” isn’t as catchy as the usual formula, but it might be a better pricing method, according to the author of a diamond-trade guide that claims the 4Cs are no longer adequate.

“One of the biggest misconceptions is that there are only four diamond price factors — color, clarity, cut and carat weight,” Renée Newman, a graduate gemologist who last year published the third edition of her Diamond Handbook, says in an interview with Rapaport News. “In fact, there are other factors, such as the transparency and treatment status. They can have a large impact on price. We [in the trade] may know that, but the consumers don’t, because they just hear about the 4Cs.” 

Newman is not trying to get traders to discard their 4Cs charts, as the system is so ingrained, she notes. But they should be aware of the additional elements affecting the value of a diamond. That’s why she emphasizes the 5Cs and 2Ts in the Handbook

Read more about Renée Newman and her thoughts about the 4Cs in her Rapaport News interview online HERE

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