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April 3, 2020

Scientists figure out origin of cobalt-blue spinel in Canada’s Arctic

Researchers from the University of British Columbia published the first scientific study of cobalt-blue spinel in Canada, a mineral that produces fine gemstones that range from red and pink to violet and blue.

Philippe Belley, a recent PhD graduate of the department of earth, ocean and atmospheric sciences, and UBC mineralogist Lee Groat traveled to Baffin Island in the Canadian territory of Nunavut to investigate the origin of spinel’s blue variety, highly prized for its intense natural colour, high transparency and limited supply.

They found that Baffin Island spinel contains up to 500 parts-per-million of cobalt, which gives it a vivid blue colour that is comparable to the best sources worldwide, found in Vietnam and the Himalayas.

Read more about the origin of the cobalt-blue Spinel in Canada’s arctic on the Mining.com website HERE

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