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February 24, 2020

Restaurant adds 4% to bill for using a credit card: Smart business or taxing the cashless?

The age-old battle between cash vs. credit lurches onward. First, some establishments wanted to go cashless. Then, those places received backlash, saying that cashless venues discriminated against people who might not be able to secure a debit or credit card for whatever reason. Now, a restaurant in Lafayette, Louisiana is getting called out for adding a 4% “non-cash charge” to a customer’s bill. 

As KPEL reports, the user pointed out the additional fee in a Facebook post, asking, “How closely do you read the bottom of your restaurant receipt? After tonight’s experience at Uncle T’s Oyster Bar in Scott I will carry enough cash to cover my bill!!” The new policy at the restaurant was explained to the customer as “If a customer doesn’t pay with cash, and only 20% of their customer base pays with cash, then they must pay to use a Credit Card.”

Read more about the age-old battle between cash and credit cards, and the fees associated with them, on The Takeout website HERE

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