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Month: April 2019

Why the newly discovered, second-biggest diamond ever is not worth as much as you’d think

The recent discovery of the second-biggest diamond in history — a staggering 1,758-carat stone — is a remarkable find, but there’s a debate over its real market value. Lucara Diamond Corp. said it recovered the stone from the Karowe mine in Botswana. The previous holder of the No. 2 position, a 1,111-carat diamond called Lesedi […]

Chocolate diamonds weren’t always valuable. Here’s how they went from cheap rocks to adorning Rihanna’s $130,000 Grammy necklace.

Rihanna wore a $130,000 chocolate diamond necklace to the 2018 Grammys. And these Chocolate Diamond earrings that J-Lo likes to borrow: just over $16,000, but it wasn’t that long ago when brown diamonds would have never made the red carpet, selling for six times less than they do today. So what changed? Why are Chocolate […]

In the world of spectacular gemstones and diamonds auctions, Indians emerge as the big collectors

At this very moment, all eyes are on London, where Graff, the British manufacturers of fine jewellery and watches has announced the auction of the 302.37-carats emerald-cut diamond. The Graff Lesedi La Rona, the largest piece of principal diamond carved out from the 1,109-carat Lesedi La Rona, a rough diamond ferreted out from within the […]

The Women Emerald Miners of Colombia

Nubia Galeano slips the short-handled pick into her left rubber boot and turns on her headlamp as she enters a steaming, cramped tunnel, one of thousands that crisscross the vast Coscuez emerald mine. The corridor narrows, and Galeano, already dripping in sweat, is soon crawling on all fours. When she reaches a space so tight […]

The World’s Most Well-Known Watchmakers Have a New Rival, a Jeweler Claiming Exclusive Rights in “Red Gold”

Luxury watchmakers have long wrestled with one very prominent set of opponents – counterfeiters, the often-Chinese entities that actively saturate the market with “Rolex” watches with hands that tick instead of glide, lighter-than-usual “Audemars Piguets,” and improperly engraved “Patek Philippes.” Over the past decade or so, an assertive new foe has arisen: a jeweler to the stars […]

Rare Red Carpet-Ready Vintage Jewels Could Fetch $8M at Christie’s Auction

Fancy-colored diamonds and pieces from Bulgari, Tiffany & Co. and Van Cleef & Arpels are on the block at the April 16 sale, as is a 1937 Cartier ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ enamel charm bracelet that “may be the first piece of jewelry ever created to promote a movie.” From vivid blue diamonds […]

The Survival Strategy For Retail Is Experience

To make retail shopping a desirable event in today’s internet-driven culture, you must deliver on the promise that a visit to your store is less of an errand and more of an experience. Retailers are beginning to understand that consumers are seeking more from a trip to the mall than a handoff of goods. Whole […]

Scientists figure out origin of cobalt-blue spinel in Canada’s Arctic

Researchers from the University of British Columbia published the first scientific study of cobalt-blue spinel in Canada, a mineral that produces fine gemstones that range from red and pink to violet and blue. Philippe Belley, a recent PhD graduate of the department of earth, ocean and atmospheric sciences, and UBC mineralogist Lee Groat traveled to Baffin […]

From Medicine to Nanotechnology: How Gold Has Quietly Shaped our World

Gold takes its name from the Latin word aurum (“yellow”). It’s an element with a long but rather mysterious history. For instance, it’s one of 12 confirmed elements on the periodic table whose discoverer  is unknown . The others are carbon, sulfur, copper, silver, iron, tin, antimony, mercury, lead, zinc and bismuth. Though we’re not sure who discovered […]

The Man With The Most Valuable Jewelry Collection You Never Knew Existed

Wearing a dark suit and tie, Kazumi Arikawa, formally greets guests as they enter Nobu Fifty Seven in New York with a handshake and a bow. It’s not until everyone arrives that he joins the group at a large table on the mezzanine, sitting in the middle of about a dozen people. Arikawa was in […]