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January 17, 2020

Basel to Drop Prices by up to 30%

Baselworld will reduce booth prices by 10% to 30% at next year’s show and move diamond dealers to a more attractive location, organizers have confirmed.

Management will reopen Hall 2, which was empty at the 2019 show, and place gem and pearl exhibitors in that area together with a new innovation zone dedicated to smart watches and wearable devices. The plan as it stands would see the innovation center on the ground floor, with gems and pearls one level up. 

“This is still at the stage of an idea. It’s possible the gems and pearls sector may be located on the ground floor, but we still have to see what is most appropriate,” Michel Loris-Melikoff, managing director of Baselworld, said in a presentation on Tuesday, the final day of the show in the Swiss city. “What is certain is that they will be in Hall 2.” 

Read more about Baselworld, and its plans for 2020, on the Rapaport website HERE

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