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January 17, 2020

Cookie Merens

Cookie’s Creations Fine & Estate Jewelry

JHJ’s Cookie Merens says she can’t remember when her passion for jewelry started, but her mother says it began around age three.  According to Cookie’s mother, Cookie just loved to play in her jewel box, trying on her mother’s big crystal earrings and putting her real diamond rings on her tiny thumbs hoping they would fit.

Diamonds weren’t enough for young Cookie, who obviously wanted to be the best dressed toddler in town, so Cookie also made a habit of wrapping her mother’s pearl necklace multiple times around her neck, and still had enough left to hang down to her waist.

Cookie Merens

When Cookie was old enough to read, her mother shared magazines with her, filled with stories and photos of glamorous ladies with opulent jewels.  Cookie says the memories of her mother and grandmother’s fine jewels, as well as those beautiful magazine photos are still with her today. 

Through the years, Cookie observed, studied, and acquired estate jewelry. About twenty three years ago, one of her friends inspired her to take her passion to the next level, and she began to share her knowledge and her collections.

Cookie has low to high price points of all “fine” jewelry, meaning mostly  precious metals with real stones. Her desire has always been to have people of all ages share a piece of history. Aren’t all current designs inspired by the past?

She is blessed to to able to work both in Chicago and Miami.  She loves participating in antique shows, and has developed long term relationships with many wonderful clients, from all over the world. 

We asked Cookie what she thinks about JHJ and she said, “I am grateful to Aleah for creating JHJ. We’re never to old to learn, and that is a great lesson that Aleah has taught us all by creating JHJ. The new relationships I’ve acquired through the group have been incredibly special. I’ve made fabulous purchases with so many members. I surf the posts in my office during the day; and half the night from my bedroom!”

Connect with Cookie on JHJ if you are looking for information on antique merchandise, or have a special client request to fill.  Cookie is always happy to help!

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