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April 3, 2020

Vickie Buxton

JHJ Rock Star Vickie Buxton has jewelry in her blood.  Vickie’s uncle (and fellow JHJ-er ​Tom Foley)​ gave Vickie her start in the industry when she was still in high school.​ ​Back then, Tom ​owned a kiosk in the Paddock Mall​, and hired her​ ​to ​​​​handle data entry on his new POS system​.  One thing led to another, and soon Tom had Vickie replacing watch batteries and doing watch band adjustments for his customers.  As time went on, Tom taught Vickie how to solder, and within a few days, had her sizing customer rings under his supervision.

Vickie says she found it exhilarating to work with the torch, and the more she worked on the repair side, the more it inspired her creative nature.  Her love for the bench extended beyond simple watch and jewelry repairs over the years.   After ​she​​​​ completed high school, she​ ​pursued a well rounded education, which included studies in business, computer information technology, circuitry, and​ advanced​ watch repair

As Vickie continued to grow and evolve professionally, she gained invaluable experience in restaurant management and as a business owner doing wholesale jewelry repair.​ In 2006​, Vickie moved her family back to her hometown to work for her father, ​ Bob Irwin​, owner of Bob’s Coins and Jewelry in Summerfield, Florida.

Bob​ ​named Vickie as ​a store manager and taught ​her​ numismatics and stone setting. ​While ​Bob is now semi-retired​, Vickie still keeps business all in the family by working with her ​husband Bryan Buxton (al​so in JHJ​) who ​serves as lead numismatist​ for the store.  Bryan and their daughter Emily both recently received certification​ from ​Stewart’s International School of Jewelry​, and Bob, Vickie and Bryan will proudly welcome third-generation jeweler Emily into the store full time when she graduates from high school in May.

​Vickie loves JHJ for it’s networking, and also because it provides her with an excellent opportunity to help out other industry peers when they need advice.  She believes JHJ has helped her make connections that allowed her father to retire sooner, and says, “On JHJ, there are dozens of mentors just a click away!”  Connect with Vickie on JHJ if your looking to buy scrap jewelry that isn’t in new condition, or if you have closeouts or nice gemstones for sale.

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