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Link Wachler

LINK Jewelry Designs

JHJ’s tremendously talented Link Wachler, born and raised in the metro-Detroit, Michigan area, is an industry scion.  As a young artist, both of his parents encouraged his creativity and helped him gear his love for art and sculpting towards jewelry designing.

Link, who was carving waxes for the family business at the tender age of 15 from his bedroom studio, has had many great successes throughout the years, including 42 (but who’s counting!) Awards in National and International Jewelry Design Competitions.

Link Wachler

In September of 2008 Link left his family business as the designing partner and now serves his client as independent concierge custom jewelry designer through his company, LINK Jewelry Designs. Link, who doesn’t maintain a retail brick and mortar location, meets his clients in their homes, offices and coffee shops.

Link says the industry niche he specializes in (independent jewelry design and specialized concierge service) is the “Feel good part of the Jewelry business. I just get to make people happy. It is not driven by money. It’s driven by a passion for creativity.”

An alumnus of the College of Creative Studies in Detroit, Link’s designs are sold throughout the world. He has designed specialty pieces for CEOs of international companies, Rock & Roll Hall of Famers, media personalities and sports celebrities.

Link has been married to his wife, Jody, since 1978. Together they have 4 grown children and 7 grandchildren.

Connect with Link on JHJ for help with your custom design needs, especially for complex or highly-detailed and high value projects, or questions on custom design, wax carving and sculpting or other specialized custom projects.

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