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Danny Farrah

A&A Jewelry Supply

A&A Jewelry Supply

JHJ’s Danny Farrah has been working in the family business, A&A Jewelry Supply, for as long as he can remember.  Founded in 1981 as a findings house, A&A Jewelry Supply grew quickly to meet customer demand, and soon added tools, boxes and displays to their product line, which have all been staples ever since.

Growing up, Danny worked weekends and summers alongside his father and two uncles.  In 2007, after graduating with his masters, Danny joined the company full time and carved out a career for himself that he truly loves.

Danny is passionate about all things jewelry related and says he really has learned more about jewelry and jewelry making in the last year being on JHJ than he did in all the years that he’s been working in the industry. 

Danny Farrah

Thankful for the knowledge and friendships he has gained from JHJ, Danny wanted to create a JHJ-centric product that he could share with other JHJ members.  Since A&A has an in house printing department, he decided to print some promotional loupes and cloths with the JHJ logo, and they have been a huge hit!

Today A&A Jewelry Supply is a source supplier for the jewelry trade. A&A manufactures many of their own products and also acts as the “go-to” dealer for many of the top jewelry supply brands.  In addition, A&A Jewelry Supply offers printing on their boxes, tote bags, pouches, displays, cleaning cloths, loupes, ultrasonics and virtually anything that has room to print!  With four different types of printing services, including hot stamp, pad printing, silk screen and heat transfer, A&A Jewelry Supply is certain to have a process, product and price point for you!

Connect with Danny on JHJ for all of your front and back of the house jewelry supply needs, as well as creative and promotional products for special events.

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