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April 6, 2020

Estelle Hedaya

Estelle Hedaya brings more than 30 years of jewelry industry experience to JHJ as well as a savvy background filled with a wealth of knowledge and insight into manufacturing, vendor relationships and buying groups.  In August of 2015, Estelle was recruited as Director of Operations for Continental Buying Group and Preferred Jewelers International™.  Continental Buying Group, the prestigious Jewelry Buying Group, and its offshoot organization, Preferred Jewelers International™ count hundreds of the highest profile retail jewelers stores worldwide as members.


As a recipient of one of the most sought-after JHJ awards, the “JHJ Most Helpful Pin,” Estelle is often involved in helping other JHJ members answer questions about our ever evolving industry, as well as providing information on the Preferred Jewelers International™ Nationwide Warranty program, which provides, among other things, the replacement of missing diamonds up to .20ctw at no cost to the consumer.

Estelle and the entire team at Preferred Jewelers International™ are gearing up for the launch of the Preferred Platinum Jewelry Care program, in collaboration with Montage Jewelry Care next month during Vegas Market Week at the CBG and JCK Shows. The Preferred Platinum Care program will offer the best jewelry and watch coverage available at a onetime fee for the consumer, and also provide coverage for the center stone. Preferred Platinum will enable Preferred retailers to increase revenue by selling additional coverage with a profit for the retailer. 

As you can see Estelle is a wealth of information, which is why you may hear in the aisles of JCK, in the meetings of Continental Buying Group or at any Preferred Retail function, “If you have a problem or need advice don’t hesitate to “Tell Estelle.’”

Connect with Estelle on JHJ if you’re looking for more information on Continental Buying Group membership, plus all the latest information on Preferred Jewelers International™ and its new Preferred Platinum Jewelry Care program.   If you’re attending JCK and would like to attend the Preferred Jewelers International cocktail reception prior the JCK Show, please make sure to “Tell Estelle,” and she’ll make sure you receive a personal invitation!

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