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Elesa Dillon

Vice President of Sales, Southern Jewelry News & Mid America 

JHJ Rock Star Elesa Dillon is the Vice President of Sales for Southern Jewelry News and Mid-America Jewelry News. She joined the company in January 2002.  Elesa has been in the jewelry industry for more than 35 years, and her experience includes working in retail, and with a manufacturer/wholesaler, where she was involved in virtually every aspect of the business. She received a Lifetime Achievement award in 2010 from The Mid-America Jewelry Association.

Elesa is a second-generation jewelry professional who followed her dad, Paul Brandenburg into the industry.  Paul was the National Sales Manager for Moorehead City, NC-based Concept Marketing into the jewelry industry.  Like her dad, who was known and loved for his personality and dance moves at IJO and other trade shows, Elesa is a familiar and well-respected name within the jewelry community.

Elesa Dillon

She is a member of the Southern Jewelry Travelers Association, several state Jewelers Associations, and has served on the vendor advisory committee with the Retail Jewelers Organization. In addition, Elesa also serves on the Board of The Atlanta Jewelry Show..

Elesa’s personal time revolves around her husband Dale, two sons Witt and Matt, and her dog Britney Bitch Dillon and her cat Jerry Garcia.   Elesa enjoys spending time with friends, her big family, and traveling to music festivals in their RV.  She is extremely passionate  volunteering for her Family’s Cancer Fundraiser for The V Foundation  and chairing for Groove Jam a music festival that benefits Greensboro Urban Ministry fighting homelessness and hunger in her community.  

Connect with Elesa on JHJ to learn more about SJN and MAJN  advertising opportunities,  and helping JHJ members connect with her network. 

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