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January 28, 2020

Dan Schwieterman

Regard Jewelry

If you ask JHJ’s Dan Schwieterman, owner and head goldsmith at Regard Jewelry in Austin, Texas, how long he has been in the jewelry business, he will tell you, “a long time.”

Though Dan just celebrated his 40th birthday, the jewelry industry runs deep in his family, and his blood.  The quality of his work, along with the success of his business in Austin is a testament to his experience and talent.

Dan says, “This job of being a goldsmith is an incredible privilege to me. I get to work on some really great pieces and create new products every day. This is not your typical desk job. Some days I work on $100 pieces and the next day I am work on $100,000 + pieces.  Every day when I show up to work, it is a new adventure.“

Dan Schwieterman

Dan opened Regard Jewelry because of his passion for design and creating new things. Over the years, he has fallen in love with repairs and re-creations. Dan says nothing feels better than having a client come into his shop thinking that their piece of jewelry is destroyed, and then seeing their face when he has refinished it to new.

Dan and his team are active members of JHJ, and he believes JHJ has been a great tool for his new store.  He says it has helped him find new vendors and learn a lot about what is working, or not, for other retail store owners.

Connect with Dan on JHJ if you need help with CAD designs, 3-D printing, custom creations or if you are looking for an outside shop to help out with repair service on a full or part-time basis.

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