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Bethany Hawn

Bethany’s Jewelry and Design

JHJ’s Bethany Hawn, owner of Bethany’s Jewelry and Design in Mansfield, Pennsylvania, was born in Sacramento Valley, California and moved to Pennsylvania in 2000 with her family.

Her original plan was to become a science teacher until she found a book called “A Guide to Diamond Buying,” read it, and promptly fell in love with the jewelry industry.  Bethany started the GIA Graduate Gemologist program, found a job at a local jewelry store, and made the transition from employee to store owner when she bought the store she began working in 7 years later in January of 2015.

Bethany Hawn

Somewhere along the way, Bethany found another love – window decorating.  She loves the challenge each season brings to create something new and exciting, and counts on her husband (along with her staple gun and lots of fishing line) to help her build out the foundational components for many of the amazing displays she uses in her window dressing.

As a newcomer to JHJ, she admits to being “obsessed” with the JHJ Facebook page, and can’t believe what a fantastic resource it is for jewelers.  She appreciates the fact that JHJ members can put out a request and easily connect with someone who can help within days, or sometimes even minutes.

Bethany says, “I have found so many unique items posted for sale and its a pleasure to have such a great place filled with like-minded individuals, to just laugh at the craziness that is the jewelry industry.”

Connect with Bethany on JHJ for all things fabulous and window-dressing related!

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