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April 6, 2020

​Jen Hollywood-Showell

(The Queen of Moissanite)​

Jen’s​ jewelry fetish began when ​she ​was young, and ​her​ style evolved as ​she​ got older (well, hello Tiffany’s, so lovely to meet you…)


​During her time as a stay​ at​ home with ​her​ daughter, ​Jen​ took a random jewelry class at a local bead store and loved it​, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, Jen is a jewelry designer whose is so successful in Moissanite sales that she is often referred to within the industry as the “Queen of Moissante.”

​Jen says, ​*Moissanite is such an awesome diamond alternative, that I actually fooled 2 diamond dealers with my emerald cut engagement ring while on vacation in Cancun. I was in the pool, perhaps with a Corona in hand, and a guy came over and complimented me on my ring. I said thanks, let him check it out and then told him it was a moissanite. He was floored. He called over his wife, and she checked it out too, couldn’t believe it. We hung out, had a beer and he kept shaking his head and looking at my ring, he couldn’t believe how pretty it was. Moissanite rocks, I’m tellin’ ya.”

Connect with Jen on JHJ if your interested in learning more about, or buying Moissanite to carry in your store.  Jen is also interested in buying colored stones for client requests, and may soon begin to source melee through JHJ as well for a number of special projects she is creating.

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