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January 17, 2020

Steve Berkowitz

Sterling Reputation

Looking for a JHJ member with a “Sterling” reputation?  Then Steve Berkowitz, owner of Sterling Reputation, is your man.  Steve’s story started with a Kiosk, and the rest, as they say, is history.

After 5 years in the wholesale costume jewelry business, Steve decided to branch out and open a Sterling Silver Jewelry Kiosk in a local mall.  His original plan was to find some great sterling silver suppliers and grow his business from there.

But Steve ended up frustrated when he realized his silver suppliers were making it difficult to partner with them, and began having a hard time with quality control issues, product availability and order processing.

​Sterling Reputation was born from Steve’s belief in himself and his desire to create quality products backed with excellent customer service and support.  Today, Sterling Reputation ships within 24 hours, and maintains a 95% stock availability rate, even through the busy holiday seasons.  Steve put the word “Reputation,” in the company name to challenge himself to earn that title every day.

Steve Berkowitz

​His commitment to excellence doesn’t stop when the workday ends.  He also serves as vice-president on the executive board of directors for the Atlanta Jewelry Show, and generously sponsors the 24 Karat Club SEUS Sterling Reputation scholarship as well. This $2500 Scholarship is presented on an annual basis to students enrolled in a jewelry or watch repair course, and helps offset expenses associated with their class fees or material supplies requirements. 

​His generous heart and positive spirit makes him an important part of the JHJ community.  It’s not often we find someone who is quick to step up and support where needed, and always generous with their time when JHJ members have questions on products or business, but Steve is that guy.  He also created the brilliant, JHJ-branded necklaces and cuff links that are an in-demand favorite of this group, and will be available to JHJ members who stop by his booth, B14149 in the Bridge pavilion during JCK Las Vegas!

Connect with Steve on JHJ for all your fine sterling silver jewelry needs or for more information about the 24 Karat Club SEUS Scholarship program.

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