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April 6, 2020

Mark Villanueva

Peg Games

January of 2018 started out looking bleak for me.  The company I was working for as a store gemologist informed me that I needed to transition from an employee to a contractor.  Late last year, I went from salary to hourly, lost health and education benefits, and now I was being turned from a full-time employee to a contractor.

I made the decision to go out on my own and build my own business and was thinking about where to start. I had made a little desk top wood game for a friend of mine that is also a Gemologist / Jewelry Appraiser, Peggy Rainbow from Worthmore Jewelers. I gave it to her as a gift to thank her for her support over the past year.

I decided to post that little Gem Jumper game I made for Peggy on the JHJ feed to see if there would be any interest from the group. Within one hour I had 33 stores email me placing orders for a total of 113.

By noon on that same day that I found myself unemployed, we had orders for more than 400 Gem Jumpers and I told my wife when one door closes another opens.  I am having requests from jewelers who are interested in using the Gem Jumpers for marketing and want to include their Facebook/Instagram information on the game along with their company logo at the top.

All I can say is “Thank You, JHJ!”  I can’t believe all of this happened to me on the very same day I was released from full time employment.  The Gem Jumper games are priced at $10 (plain game) and $15 (with logo info), and the game pegs have stones that emulate natural gemstones.  The game board is stained and clear coated.

Want to place an order for Gem Jumpers?  Email Mark at tymegems@hotmail.com  or call 281-707-5002

Mark Villanueva R.G.A., C.S.M.P., A.J.P. 

Gemologist / Jewelry Appraiser
7250 N. Mesa Street
PMB #19
El Paso Texas 79912

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