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April 6, 2020

Joshua Hyman


Joshua Hyman is a 4th generation jeweler from Philadelphia, whose great grandfather, Rubin Littman, came to the USA at 2 years old.  Known as a “curb merchant,” he bought scrap metal door to door in South Philadelphia during the depression.  When his grandfather, Marshall Littman, was 16 years old he got a job as an apprentice bench jeweler, a friend of Rubin’s. His grandparents owned and operated Marshall Littman Mfg from 1951 to 1986, when they sold it to Joshua’s parents. His entire family worked in the jewelry business, parents, aunts and uncles, brother and cousin. 

Joshua followed his Uncle’s path and became a Graduate Gemologist.  He worked for various jewelry companies from 1992 until late 2001. In November of 2011, he went out under his own name,  J Hyman & Co. LLC.

Today he buys and sells jewelry, diamonds, watches & color stones, but his true passion is photomicrophy. Photomicrophy is the photography of inclusions that are inside gemstones. He considers himself an amateur but says he learned how to take decent pics. There are quite a few high level professionals that he looks up to, including Lucas Fassari, Nathan Renfro and Billy Hughes. 

Joshua started sharing his pics on JHJ because he thought others would appreciate the beauty of inclusions as well as the gemology aspects. Some inclusions indicate country of origin. Other inclusions show us evidence of heat treatments. 

Earlier this year, he created a book of his images.  He limited the book to a 100 copy run, and sold out the entire run to JHJ members.  We’re keeping our fingers crossed for a second book, filled with more creative and unique Joshua Hyman photos!

Connect with Joshua on JHJ to buy and sell diamonds, watches and colored gemstones or to find more information about his gorgeous gemstone photos.

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