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November 14, 2019

Neeraj Bajaj

Born & raised in the suburbs of St. Petersburg, Florida; Neeraj Bajaj has lived his life by one philosophy: “Don’t Stop Hustlin!” He got his feet wet in the jewelry business at the ripe young age of 12, cleaning the showcases and mopping the floors at this Father’s jewelry store, totally worth the $5/hr back in 1998.

At the age of 18, he did what every well-raised, obedient “brown boy” does…PRE-MED, followed by Medical School, because why would he ever want to do what he loved, right? At 25, he left his career in medicine to go back to his roots, with a slight twist.  Starting slow, with local auction houses and estate sales, then gradually moving on to Government repossessions and Police seized assets; Neeraj has formed his own little niche’ in the pre-loved fine jewelry market. With undying support from his beautiful wife, and great respect and admiration for his mentors Jeffrey & Katrina Hess; of “Hess Fine Jewelry”, Neeraj is your “YES GUY” for estate buys, bulk liquidations, and well…anything he can make a quick buck on 🙂 Oh, and ask him about his “BLING BUCKS!” Keep JHJ’s NEERAJ the Jeweler in mind for Buying & Selling all things jewelry around the clock on JHJ. You know those Facebook notifications you get at 5am? Yup…thats him!

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