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Month: February 2019

Jimmy L. Butts

Owner, Studio B JHJ’s Jimmy Butts started his jewelry career in 1986 on accident, when he went to jewelry school on a whim. Jimmy was immediately hooked.  Not, he says, because he liked making jewelry, but because he loved the fact that it was like being a micro mechanic. He immediately started looking for the […]

Anthony Michael Spinelli

Born in 1960 in Tucson, Arizona, JHJ’s Anthony Michael Spinelli was surrounded by gemstones and jewelry of all kinds; his mother and father were both designers and manufacturers of Turquoise and silver jewelry and were owners or partners in several stores in the Southwest and in Alaska. Anthony’s mother, Anita Matrician, an accomplished sculptress with […]

Cookie Merens

Cookie’s Creations Fine & Estate Jewelry JHJ’s Cookie Merens says she can’t remember when her passion for jewelry started, but her mother says it began around age three.  According to Cookie’s mother, Cookie just loved to play in her jewel box, trying on her mother’s big crystal earrings and putting her real diamond rings on […]

Adam Fox

Fox Estate Buyers JHJ’s Adam Fox has deep roots in the jewelry industry. Adam, a 3rd generation dealer, traces the start of his family involvement with the industry back through his father’s side, as his paternal grandfather was a diamond dealer in New York. Along the way. the maternal side of Adam’s family decided to […]

Tina Yancey

Blue House of Jewelry If you’re looking for a friendly face on JHJ, someone with a sparkling personality who is always willing to lend a helping hand, then you need to connect with Tina Yancey. Tina, who owns Blue House of Jewelry In Tyler, Texas. has had a passion for gemstones, diamonds and jewelry her […]

Chris Simpson

Chris Simpson Designs JHJ’s Chris Simpson has been designing and manufacturing jewelry for more than twenty five years.  After a long apprenticeship as a bench jeweler at a renowned Royal Appointment Jeweler in South Africa, he turned his attention to diamonds,  learning the art of grading rough diamonds, then cutting and polishing diamonds at the […]

Michel Gutman

Michel Gutman

President, Arkansas Jewelers Association JHJ’s Michel Gutman started his career in the jewelry industry 31 years ago with Service Merchandise, known at the time as “America’s Leading Jeweler.” After rising quickly through the ranks to become a jewelry manager, he accepted a job as store manager for Bailey, Banks and Biddle, and a few years […]

Elesa Dillon

Vice President of Sales, Southern Jewelry News & Mid America  JHJ Rock Star Elesa Dillon is the Vice President of Sales for Southern Jewelry News and Mid-America Jewelry News. She joined the company in January 2002.  Elesa has been in the jewelry industry for more than 35 years, and her experience includes working in retail, […]

Ira Savoie

Owner, Savoie Fine Jewelry Appraisers JHJ”s Ira Savoie is more than just a helpful JHJ member.  Ira, based in Metairie, Louisiana, has more than 40 years experience in the jewelry industry, including a great amount of experience on the retail side. Ira is one of only 20 independent certified gemologist appraisers registered with the American […]

Link Wachler

LINK Jewelry Designs JHJ’s tremendously talented Link Wachler, born and raised in the metro-Detroit, Michigan area, is an industry scion.  As a young artist, both of his parents encouraged his creativity and helped him gear his love for art and sculpting towards jewelry designing. Link, who was carving waxes for the family business at the […]